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Hire a humanlike AI-based conversational technology robot to boost your sales and customer satisfaction

Expand or replace the existing sales team
• 24/7 work
• self-learning software
  • indistinguishable from a human
• automatic calls based on triggers

AI voice robots can speak a wide range of languages like native
bot call example
Automatic calls
Automation of the first line of support
Reminders to customers

Best help both for a call center and a small business

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If you face the task of calling 500+ clients per day, or replacing a first line support consultant who responds to 30+ requests per day, then this is the right moment to implement AI robots into your business.

GET 3700% ROI through automated upsells
According to our experience in digital marketing, the voice robot is the most promising technology in terms of ROI and return speed, regardless of whether salespeople in a particular country are expensive or have small wages.
12 000
Registrations (warm leads)
Accepted the offer
Base of «dormant leads»
Revived dormant customer base
Set new B2B sales record
robot working time
applications received
revenue from 1 launched robot
3 hours
$12 800
Activated cold sales during the crisis in hair transplantation clinic
robot working time
4 month

Technology Benefits

We are a part of a growth marketing agency partnered with technology developers. We launch the robot from start to finish: make settings, support and adjust the robot according to the "Single Window" principle.

Unlike other voice robots, ours is indistinguishable from a human. This fact is due to the combination of excellent speech technology and the voice acting of the robot by a professional actor, not by electronic voice generation, achieving such an incredible effect.

We create turnkey robots.

We have grown from a marketing agency, so we know the best ways for robots implementing to improve your business performance.

We call our robot Aisha, meet her

Hello! I am Aisha. I have already made 40 million calls and I am ready to help you call your clients.
  • I am an indistinguishable from a human
  • I can replace first line support consultants
  • I can do automatic calls based on triggers
  • I know how to sell and can self-learn
  • I work 24/7 and never sleep or get sick

ROI is usually 3,700%. Let’s cooperate!

Aisha helps your business:
completely replace or improve the first line of support team with AI voice robot
Work with different sale-scripts and client types
Reducing employee costs by half
Webinar participant number will increase 3 times
The client does not miss any event
Cold lead generation
for people and increase conversion before the webinar and sales after
up to 70% increase
Invitation to an online event
works like a first support line
up to 74% increase
Leave a request
x53 increase
Event reminder
Automatic responses to all customer FAQs
Warming up a cold client base
Leave a request to calculate the development cost
How it works?
We can configure a robot that will manage both calls and sending messages via messengers to increase the conversion of the sales department and the sales themselves and to improve customer support
Possible scripts:
qualification of the client during the first call
answers to all FAQ of the first support line
missed call and the need to call back
the client asked to remind on a certain date
the client asked to call back in a week
event reminder
and much more
The minimum tariff for setting up a robot in your business will cost 3990 $, and then you must pay only for the minutes of the robot’s conversations with your clients.
Fast Track
Robots сall recordings
The more robot works, the more noticeable the advantages become*
*It usually takes 500 calls to train the robot

The robot is 33 times faster than call-center employees

AI conversational robot technology
600 calls per 1 hour
up to 100 000 WhatsApp messages per 1 day*
*Depends on restrictions levels according to the WhatsApp documentation. When registering, the phone number always starts from 1,000 WhatsApp messages per 1 day
Сall-center employees
18-20 calls per 1 hour
up to 100-200 WhatsApp messages per 1 day
Why Aisalesbots
Applying machine learning
WhatsApp messages transfer to clients
Statistical reports and conversion analysis
Natural language understanding

Robocalls and Conversational AI Voicebots are widely different. Unlike robocalls AI voice bots:

Speak like a human
Know how to sell
Can sell something to those who refused to purchase
Can combine calls with WhatsApp mailings. The robot will do it itself
Make 100,000 dialogues a day
Run any scripts, from surveys to sales
Just talk about your needs
We offer the best way of voice-calling robot technology implementation and 100% delivered WhatsApp mailings.
To define a task and communicate live. You will find out if the robot suits your company. It takes only 30 minutes
Sign up for a consultation
We analyze the existing calls from your contact centers. It takes only 24 hours
Analyze and find solution in several tariffs
The next step is choosing a tariff and discussing the analysis made. We can communicate live. It takes 30 minute
Select your tariff
Artificial intelligence creates your robot for 14 days. It depends on the script complexity and the selected tariff

We start from collecting a knowledge base for the robot, training the bot to identify the customer’s problem and respond to it
Starting voice-calling robot аnd (оr) WhatsApp mailings
The running project support takes 14−30 days after its launch. It depends on the script complexity and the selected tariff
Total calls
Call time
Real statistics

Aisha made these calls for 2.5 hours. Task — call a warm clients base and tell about the discount

Number of calls
Total: 4970
Answered: 3157
Unanswered: 1813
Active calls: 60
New numbers: 159
Different numbers: 4017

General continue. calls: 53 h 9 min 35 sec
Min. continue. call: 1 sec
Medium continues. call: 39 sec
Max. continue. call: 3 min 7 sec

General continue. talk: 20 h 46 min 0 sec
Min. continue. talk time: 1 sec
Medium continues. talk time: 24 sec
Max. continue. talk time: 2 min 43 sec

Min. response time: 2 sec
Average response time: 17 sec
Max. response time: 1 min 28 sec
Сonversational robot technology
Whatsapp mailings technology
Sales today, not in 2 weeks. This is great!
It is both cheaper than our employees, and solves problems much faster. The robot makes the result for 1.5 hours when the sales department needs 10 days

Timofey Beloglazov, CEO DVIGA, marketing, websites, CRM

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Automatic calls
Automation of the first line of support
Reminders to customers
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